The Taralga Golf Club was established in 1985 when a fine group of visionaries secured the use of Crown land for the establishment of a 9 hole golf course. The cost of creating regular greens was prohibitive and so sand greens were built. The early days were hard with very little equipment for keeping fairways mowed. Old second hand gang mowers were constantly needing repairs and were dragged behind utes.

After the September 2001 “911” attacks insurance premiums sky rocketed and the course was closed. In February 2006 the lands Department indicated that they would resume the land upon which the golf course was situated. A public meeting ensued and it was decided to resurrect the golf course so that it could be maintained as a significant asset for Taralga. In June 2006 Taralga “Sands” golf course was reopened. A solid core of volunteers has since with the help of grants from Veolia and the windfarm, made substantial improvements to the course. The course now boasts a club house, BBQ area, Machinery shed, raised tees, fabulous signage and a brand-new entrance and driveway.

For anyone who plays golf and hasn’t played on sand greens, it is an experience not to be missed. There is a novel flag stick in each hole consisting of a metal cross with a removable metal flag and a spoon. On reaching the “green” players remove the flag and use the steel cross to rake a smooth surface between their ball and the hole. The spoon is then used to clean out the hole. The course rule is that you can rake until you are happy with the surface. (some sand green courses restrict you to one rake!).

The course has magnificent views and it is an absolute joy to walk the 9 holes. For the princely sum of $10, visitors can play as many holes as they can fit in before dark. There is an honesty box and a slot to place your fees. A metal box next to the littlest club house contains scorecards. For $65 you can become members of a wonderful country course that you don’t have to book to play and do not have players behind you pushing you to play faster. You virtually have the course to yourself.







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TARALGA retains the trophy after

the BIG-ALGA annual challenge 2024

between Taralga and Bigga golf clubs


Despite the icy blast that hit the Taralga Sands Golf Course on Saturday the BIG-ALGA Annual Challenge took place. The format was a two person Ambrose competition. 18 hardy souls battled the elements, enjoying a close encounter and a fabulous BBQ. Taralga were very narrow victors.


Ladies nearest the pin 3rd hole  Nicole Maloney

Mens nearest the pin 3rd hole    Adam Sims

Ladies nearest the pin 7th hole  Nicole Maloney

Mens nearest the pin 7th hole     Peter Haigh

Ladies Longest drive                     Nicole Maloney

Mens longest drive                        Jud Maloney

Best TARALGA Team                    Jeff Chalker and Graham Lambert

Best BIGGA Team                           Gary Ridland and Col Picker